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Ainslie Allen - The Betty Tour

Recipient of the 2018 award for NZ Country Music Entertainer of the Year, Allen's debut album Betty rocketed into the upper echelons of the Official Top 40 NZ Album Charts when it launched in late November. A new set of dates and the Betty Tour is alive again.

7pm — 3am         $20 - $40 + booking fee

yeah .. so .. do you remember that tv show?.. way back.. late 90's.. McDonalds Young Entertainers.. .. remember the tall blonde-haired girl on that show.. she released an album called 'Betty' a badass, finger-licking good, country album Nov 19th 2021.. covid stuffed up her plans of taking the world by storm with her debut, so now she's finally able to get on the road for a nationwide tour.

Ainslie says 'I was sick of playing covers, for years I worked for others, singing their songs, now it's my turn, I'm making my dream a reality and I'm gonna play my songs!'

Unbelievably talented, the resilient singer released an album and had a baby in the same year, Ainslie said 'what kind of crazy woman would do that to herself .. yeah.. me.. I'm that crazy woman'.. it makes for good inspiration.. and the lack of sleep helps not to suffer fools.. so, I suppose I win'..

Ainslie's career has seen her sing from ballrooms to warzones. She makes it look easy with her crowd, and can read them like a book, her quick wit and huge vocal range with blow your mind. Ainslie's known for talking to her audience sometimes asking if they have a song request.. she says 'Sometimes asking for requests can bite you in the butt.. but because I know so many songs, and I like all musical genres.. I'm pretty good at that game'.



Don McGlashan & The Others

Renowned Aotearoa musician Don McGlashan has announced his eagerly-awaited new album in March titled Bright November Morning and will perform in October

8pm — 11pm         $55 + booking fee

McGlashan’s fourth solo album has all the glittering McGlashan touches in place: from the detail-perfect narratives of local life (the neighbours looking in when we take the curtains down, swimming and seeing Russian container ships on the horizon) to the strummy melodicism with detours into something noisier (hello Shayne P Carter, ruffling the immaculate surfaces), and on to those welcome and welcoming choruses.

The tour will have the full band that recorded the album with Don, including; Shayne P Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer), Chris O’Connor (SJD, Phoenix Foundation) and James Duncan (SJD, Dimmer) and joining them will be multi-instrumentalist Anita Clark (Motte).



Daniel Champagne LIVE

The young Australian virtuoso recently described as ‘the finest guitar player of this generation’ returns to New Zealand playing an intimate show in Queenstown

9pm — 11pm         $30 + booking fee

“The word Prodigy seems to entirely fall short of this soft-spoken young man’s skills, he coaxes sounds and melodies out of his instrument that literally drop jaws.” The Calgary Herald, CANADA
“Today I saw the future of Folk – Festival goers flocking in the thousands towards the main stage to witness a young musical phenomenon from Australia dish out an absolute show-stopper.” The Firefly Column, USA
“Daniel Champagne is a crossroads. Fusing the strong traditions of Blues, Folk and other roots art with pop showmanship and admirable lyrical ability. I firmly believe that he will become an ambassador for roots music in a time where it desperately needs representation.” The Indie Blender, CANADA
“reinventing roots guitar” Rhythms Magazine, AUSTRALIA
“Watching Daniel Champagne perform is a once in a lifetime experience. He is a true prodigy that plays like no one else could possibly play unless they spent at least two lifetimes studying the art.” BW Review, NEW ZEALAND
‘Daniel Champagne exudes a natural ease on stage, as he sings poignant lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies that invariably whisk the heart up with grand romanticism. Coupled with an exhilarating guitar talent that transcends mere acoustic playing to replicate a whole band, Champagne is just magical’ Themusic.com.au, AUSTRALIA


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