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We wanted Sherwood to celebrate and serve our local Queenstown community and in doing so create a much more authentic experience for our guests. Through arts, music and cultural programming, co-working, educational workshops, wellbeing and some good old fashioned parties, we're proud to have created a place where our community can become yours for however long you're with us.

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Manaakitanga is the Maori word for hospitality and means to show respect, generosity and care for others. Maori believe that through showing kindness and respect to others the mana or standing of a community is enhanced - and so do we. So much so it underpins everything we do.

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We refurbished the hotel with the lowest impact materials we could find including recycled, upcycled and carbon negative products, examples include wall linings made from carbon negative cork, carpet tiles made from recycled fishing nets, furniture from recycled metal, kitchen and bathroom floor coverings made from recycled car tyres and curtains from up-cycled woollen army blankets.

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We installed (what was at the time of installation) NZ’s largest private solar array with 248 multi-crystalline panels returning any unused electricity back to the grid and ensuring any additional electricity used comes from 100% renewable sources. We use LED lighting throughout and have provided free electric car charge stations for our guests.

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We have eliminated the vast majority of single use plastics from our supply chain starting with our largest suppliers and we compost all of our organic waste which is returned back to the kitchen garden to grow more food. Our bar is running zero-waste to landfill with the restaurant close behind. We are trying our best to do the same with the rooms without expecting too much of the guests.

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We're constantly striving to give back to our local community and spend over 90% of our marketing budget on community events including educational workshops, live music and wellbeing programmes. Our operational focus is creating a positive, healthy workplace which includes free wellbeing classes for all staff, English classes for our international team and a management team that is 70% female.

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It starts in the kitchen, or more precisely the vegetable garden – because we think we have a responsibility to look after our guests’ health – and it runs into our yoga and pilates studio upstairs from the restaurant, where we offer yoga, meditation and massage for locals and guests alike. Our educational programming has an additional wellbeing focus with weekly workshops and seminars.


We procure as locally and ethically as possible with 99% of the food we serve sourced from the New Zealand (of which 75% is from the South Island) while over 40% of our green produce grown in our own kitchen garden along with honey collected from our own beehives. 60% of our wine is produced by local vineyards for our bottled-in house programme to eliminate transport and glass waste.


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